Thursday, December 31, 2009

The gifts I have been given

The gifts I have in this world are amazing.  My wife, our home and our two cats, our friends, the musicians and music I come into contact with every day.  It's hard not to wax sentimental about it all.

And cooking.  Cooking is cheap therapy for me.  I've made the best mac'n cheese I've ever done (probably 12 kinds of cheese, champagne, sour cream, yogurt, bowtie pasta and a drizzle of black truffle infused olive oil).  There's a new chicken dish in the oven already (fennel, apples, stock).  The TWO 5-lb. briskets (root vegetables and lots of dill) are ready to go in when we go to bed.  Karen has made a beautiful vegetable quiche, chocolate sourdough bread pudding (her own invention), and plans a mixed rice dish with mushrooms and a vegetable stock she's been working on for two days, and I'll do okra with tomatoes and black-eyed peas.  And we haven't killed each other in the kitchen!

I hope MANY guests show up tomorrow, because otherwise, we'll have food for a month!

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